Sunday, September 11, 2011


I made this cupcake to those who lose their lives in the tragedy and to those who flight for our freedom.
Thank you!

911 - these three digits were a defining moment for all New Yorkers, Americans and all people around the world. 

I still remember I was in college when the tragedy happened in NY.  I was about getting ready to school, and I heard my roommate was screaming in the living room.  I quickly ran out from my bedroom and see what happened.  We were both looking at the TV screen, and I was beyond speechless.  I was thinking what I was seeing was not real.  It just looked like another blockbuster Hollywood movie.    Sadly, that was not a movie, everything was real.  

Sad, angry, speechless, confused, emotional, heart-breaking...those are all the adjectives I could use to described how I felt at that particular moment.  

To those who passed away from the tragedy, you are always in our heart.

To those who dare to lose their own lives to rescue as many as innocent people after the tragedy, you guys rock!

To those who lose their friends and family, you guys are always in our prayers.  

To those who fight for our country, thank you!  We know freedom is not free.  

Please slow down and take a moment to thank God for what we have and NEVER take anything from granted. 


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