Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Item - Cupcake in a Jar

Not a genie in a bottle, but a cupcake in a jar!  We are proud to introduce our new cupcake item - Cupcake in a Jar!  They are cute, very portable and convenient to eat, and of course they are yummy!  The holiday seasons is coming, they will make a great gift to someone you love.  I used a bigger jar (16 oz) in the pictures (they fit in two cupcakes each jar).  However, if you would like to have a smaller jar, please let me know.  I could also use a smaller jar (250 ml) to fit in just one cupcake.  They also make good wedding and party favors.  I will decorate each of them to match the theme of the party.

Here is some ordering information:  6 (16 oz) minimum or 12 (250 ml) minimum.  They will be professionally decorated as in the pictures.

This will make a nice baby shower or birthday party favor.

This one will be a good gift/favor for birthday

Holiday season is coming!  Are you planning to get something for your family and friends?
How about giving them a cupcake in a jar!

A 250 ml jar fit in 1 cupcake


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