Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chukar Cherries (Seattle, Wa)

I had never been a big fan of chocolate till I met this "special someone".

Last year, Mr. G and I went to Seattle for our annually vacation.  During our trip, we joined a food tour at the Pike Place Market.  This was a very first food tour we joined; and both of us enjoyed it so much.  Not only that we got to taste some great food from the local favorite spots or famous/popular restaurants.  We also got to know the background and history about Seattle and the Pike Place Market.  (PS, they offer 3 different types of food tour, check out Savor Seattle website to find out more.) These kinds of food tours could also be found in few other big cities in the States, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, NY, Orange County (YAY!), if you got chance to visit these cities, please clean up your schedule to make some room to join a food tour.  I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed!  OK, so back to today's post - during this food tour, we were introduced to Chukar Cherries located at Pike Place Market.  We didn't expect the in-expectation until we got to try their chocolate cover bling cherries chocolates.  OMG!  They were totally amazing!!!  The combination of the sweetness from the chocolate and the tartness from the cherries take a chocolate to another level.  From that day, Chukar Cherries became my #1 chocolate.  If you don't have chance to fly to the North Pacific, you could also order their goodies online, by clicking here.

Different types of chocolates from Chukar Cherries,
our favorite is the chocolate covered the bling cherrie.s 
Free gift from them.
The honey pecans one is another top item from them. 
We joined the Savor Food Tour, and got a discount card to shop at most shops/restaurants
at the Pike Place Market


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