Monday, November 7, 2011

French + Chocolate + Fashion = Salon Du Chocolat 2011

French + Chocolate + Fashion = Salon Du Chocolat 2011 in Paris.  You don't know how much chocolates could do until you see these amazing dresses.  All the fashion pieces look amazing and yummy, check out these pictures.  There is a little embrassing moment on the stage during the fashion show - French TV presenter, Karine Ferri presented her chocolat dress on stage, and all of a sudden, her dress was falling apart on the stage (probably due to the heat from the lights).  Good that she remained clam, professional and belle. 

O No!

"Que devrais-je faire? (What should I do?)"
Stayed clam and belle

A Choclate Bat-woman

I love this painting!

You look so yummy=)

OMG!  Is this chocolate?!

A little Flamingo fashion infulence?!

What a big piece of chocolate on her head!

So sexy!

This is one not-so-conformtable outfit.


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