Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the Air

2/14, tomorrow is Valentine's day.  All the TVs, radio station, newspaper, magazines...are all over about this holiday, but how many of us know where this holiday came from, when, where and who are we celebrating for?!  Here is a website I found online: click about the history of Valentine's Day (If you are interested, go check it out).

This week is a busy week for me - There is a big deadline coming up at my full-time day work and couple Valentine's Day cupcake orders, of course, my birthday and my mother-in-law's birthday are also coming up this week too.  O well, I guess sometimes busy means productive, right?! 

 I am such a bad wife - my husband complained about how I make cupcakes for others all the time, but never for him.  Finally, Valentine's Day is a PERFECT reason for me to not to make up excuses for not making him anything, so I made some AWESOME horchata cupcakes decorated with everything that remind me of him JUST FOR MY HUSBAND!  As many of you know that I have a very art-sy husband; he is very into music.  He is a lead singer and a guitarist in a punk rock cover band, called the Knockoffs.  When I was thinking about what I should make for him, immediately I think about guitar pick and his guitar.  Except for music, he is also very into tattoo arts too.  So I just made a heart shape with frame inspired by the tattoo on his chest. 


The inspiration of the other two cupcake toppers - I always like the beautiful and colorful hand painted skulls from the Día de Muertos (Day of Dead), every time when I am looking at these skulls; it reminds me of "Love till death do us part" (that's what love and marriage about=)).

The last but not the least cupcake topper - Even my husband is a social smoker (only smokes when he is drinking on the weekend).  But smokes are smokes, and they are bad for you.  I LOVE him and I want him to live healthier and longer.  So I made this topper with a very special note on it.  

In return, I have received a lovely cupcake necklace from Tiffany & Co from my husband as a "Balentine's" gift (Birthday + Valentine's)!  OMG!  I could not ask for more than a better husband in my life and my next life.

To my dear husband,

I know I am not a perfect wife (I could be better)!  Sometimes, ur texts and some stuffs u said to me really touched my heart.  When you told me when u had a hard day at work, as soon as you saw me at home; u feel MUCH BETTER!  That really touched my heart and make me have a very complicated facial expression (smile and dropping happy tear drops)

Thanks for everything, Mr. G!  I love you more than you know.



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