Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am a TOMS girl!

Beside cupcakes, I am also a TOMS-holic.  From buying my very first pair of them  to losing count of how many pairs I own; from being the only girl wore them to work to my boss ordered herself couple pairs of TOMS ballets online. 

Why not to love?  They are fun, comfy and totally suit my style and personality.  More important, I love their "One for One" concept - you bought one pair of TOMS, and they donate one pair to people, who needs a pair of shoes.  You will be surprised that shoes are such a luxury item in some undeveloped countries.

For people, who live outside of Southern California might not know about this brand YET!  They are getting more popular now throughout the states and in some European countries.  Here is a little background about this brand:

TOMS Shoes is a for-profit company based in Santa Monica, California, that also operates a non-profit subsidiary, Friends of TOMS. The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas.] The company designs and sells lightweight shoes based on the Argentine alpargata design. With every product sold, TOMS will donate a pair to a person in need.

 Source from Wikipedia

Found these pictures online and I want to share with everyone, who love TOMS and cupcakes (am I talking to myself?!)  Anyway, I am glad that I was able to help kids in need and at the meantime I got to own these cute little shoes, which went to everywhere with me. 

(If you live in California and wonder here you can get your first pair of TOMS, here are some sources or places I usually got mine:  They are OF COURSE available on their official TOMS website, Nordstorms, Active store, Jack store and some local shoe stores might carry them too.)

Cupcake love on TOMS

OMG!  These cupcakes are so dang cute.

More cupcakes on TOMS

What a cool TOMS!

TOMS cake with the classic TOMS shoe, the shoes box and TOMS signature flag on it

TOMS cupcakes with TOMS big cake

a stand up TOMS flag


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