Thursday, March 8, 2012

No, they are not paper weight!

Rosa Rodriquez was once a hopeless single mom without a job and now she is a successful business owner based in San Francisco, CA - Mexican-American jello artist, Rosa Rodriguez lose her job in 2009.  She was struggling to pay the bills and support her own kids.  She always knew art is something she was passionate about.  After losing her job, she started considering using her creative and artistic side of her brain to create an unique business (a combination of art and food) she always wanted and support the family.  She creates amazing jello arts by using syringes filled with colored gelatin, an artist's eye and a steady hand, she injects the colored gelatin into the clear, forming a design as she works (click here for video).   Now Rosa is a proud owner of Sweet Collection Catering company (check out her official websites for pictures, classes and ordering and catering information), a genius jello artist and a successful role model for her two kids. 

(Photo courtesy of Sweet Collection)

Gelatinas are a Mexican standard, often served at quinceaƱeras and weddings, made in all shapes and sizes. Flowers are the most common designs, but Rodriguez takes custom requests, recently doing a special order of gelatinas for Google that bore the company logo.  And while they're usually fruit-flavored, Rodriguez also makes spiked versions--that is to say, fancy Jell-O shots--with tequila, rum and vodka. When seasonally appropriate, she has been known to bust out an eggnog version  (Source from Taste Table).

The story of Rosa is another inspiring and touching story for those once lose hope.  At that one particular moment, you might thought you lose everything, sit back and let your mind remind yourself "the best is yet to come!". 

More amazing jello arts will be posted soon...


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