Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jello Art

When I was a little kid, I always thought jello was the most interesting dessert ever.  Why?  Because the jiggly textures makes jello so special and unordinary.  And when I was kid, my mom used to make some colorful jello candies (covered with coconut shred), they were one of the most fun things to eat when you were a kid. 

I would like to share some jello arts I found online with you today (photographs from websites:  Eat Me Daily and South Jersey Real Estate; please visit these two websites for more information).  These "jello artists" took jello to another level - they used jello to create jewelries, food, and EVEN architectures and cities...these artworks just blown my mind away!

Look like a very fancy French dish

American classic - burger and fries

A close up of the "burger" (everything is made with jello)

How about some caviar?
So tropical with the jello pineapple
Ready for BBQ?

If you like fashion and jewelries, how about some vintage style jewelries made from edible materials and jello:
Look like a piece of good jade

Can you tell they are jello from this angle?

An amazing artwork
 My day time job is an Environmental Planner, and I have a thing toward architectures and urban planning/design.  I just love to look at buildings (especially those historical ones=))


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